Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Google Chrome 19Full Offline Installer Download


Mozilla will continue to lag behind that of Google chrome. There was even a few days to two web browser. After the release of Google chrome19 her back to Mozilla. Today I share with you my Google chrome is the new version Stand alone Edition 19 full. The new chrome offer faster downloads and provide you more help protect you from malicious downloads. But if you'll go to Google for downloading the latest Google chrome, you'll ended up with download of an installer program which actually downloads the chrome to your computer. In fact, you have to download Google chrome for each of your computer separately which is very inefficient and time consuming. So look below for a link that'll let you download the offline version of Google chrome.

Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

How to add Flip3D Effect in win-7 without any software

Today I am a fun tips share. If you are using Windows 7, it will take them. Financing is very easy to use Windows 7, and without any software, you can add the Flip-3D effect. To do this follow the following step -

Right mouse button click on the desktop and select New from the Shortcut -

  Then a window will appear as below

Type the location of the item: box and enter the following -

RunDll32 DwmApi #105 Win7 Flip

And press Next baton. Then a window will appear as below

 Now Type a name for this shortcut: Enter in the box below - Flip-3D

Then click on the Finish button. You create a Shortcut. Now change the Icon. Right-click the mouse cursor on top of that out of the Shortcut and select Properties. The Shortcut tab, click Change Icon -


  Then a window will appear as below

The Look for icons in this file: in the box below - imageres.dll and click OK. Click Apply and OK OK again and again to the Properties. Shortcut to the bottom of your show -

Right-click on the mouse and select Pin to taskbar and Start button with the mouse and move it to the next -

Shortcut to the Desktop in which you can delete. Now, more than one window open on your PC, click the Flip-3D and more 3D effect.

Keyboard shortcut for it can be

Windows + Tab

What fun to see.

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

How to Solve Google Chrome Hangs Problem

Google Chrome is my favorite browser. I always use. I suggest others. Chrome is good but not as many. Often hangs over the open tab. I did not understand what could happen. My problem is I never did. Thought they were installed wrong. Thus continues.

Yesterday I had to come to my Hometown. I first installed Chrome on my desktop. same version as my laptop. But moments later, about 8/10 tabs open in many of the PC, it has been slow. One tab to another tab, just not enough. Many are waiting for. Then it hangs like a catalog. Write to Kill pages. I do not understand what the problem. Desktops, laptops as well, but not bad at all. core 2 duo, 1GB Ram.  

The problem is that a few times. Understand something is wrong. CPU, RAM usage window open it. I checked the RAM usage is high, the chrome on that. The more open the tab with a proportional increase in the rate. The maximum limit on the RAM and if you can hang up. This is not a problem because the laptop is never good amount of Ram.

Now the solution of the dice. Is a better solution to your computer, most of the ram increase. The price of ram is very low. May be increased later. But I can not easily. 
If yours do not want to increase your RAM and / or can not be the case that for some tips.Increase the page file on your computer. Page file is a sort of memory that is located in HDD and works like RAM. However, its speed is less than RAM.My computer is having to go to the properties.

Step 1.Go to Advanced system settings

Step 3.Under advanced tab in the performance box choose Settings.

Step 4.In the performance option window under advanced tab click change in virtual memory box.

Step 5.Virtual Memory window, click on the Custom Size. At least you have that amount of the Initial Size of diguna Ram. Three or four times if it is. Initial size and Maximum Size to 1024MB-2048MB is more than the least. Then click Set and OK on the remote machine. We will also work in some of your problems.

Note: Page File C drive will occupy the space. so keep an eye on the free space in C drive. you would not want to overrun the space in C drive where windows is located.

Chrome also has some way to performance improve. For example, you Advanced System Care (pro) 5 use can. Deep care to do it. Do not use the toolbox to the Smart Ram. Do the smart clean. If you do not use Turbo Boost customize the more improved performance. It will work.

Your CPU, RAM usage to press ctrl alt del to see. As you can see the performance tab. You can always use the gadget. The built-in gadget for windows 7 with it.  The CPU and RAM and page file usage with advanced system care of the smart ram tool to open the AM. There are all provided.