Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Top Security Tips for Mac.

I started a job as an operator in the color lab. When take photos from customer Camera to our computers was infected by the virus. I have a friend that I would contact for advice and servicing of used Mac. He would give me the solution. At the end of it all is that Mac had used. If you use a Mac, but you will not be a virus related problems. He told me once, and Mac are not affected by the virus. . However, I am now working on another one of employment. You know, Mac usually is complex and productive use. I think that is because of the Security. Today I will share with the Top 10 Security Tips for Mac.

Considering over 100 million Mac OS X user’s world-wide, primarily in US, security measures for Mac has importance.  Since as a popular one, it also becomes a target for threats. There are some Apple specific malwares like Mac Trojan Flashback which shows that even Mac is not 100% risk free. Here are some security tips for Apple Mac OS X users to protect their system from malwares, viruses and Trojans.

1. Disable Java: As we already, more than 700,000 computers running Mac infected with Flashback Trojan. This threat affects on systems with outdated java plugin running. Since it's not easier to update java as in windows, easier option is to disable java from within the web browser itself (Safari). You can disable java by going to Applications >  Utilities > General tab.

2. Run mac updates regularly:  Install all available patches and security fixes. To perform updates: click on the apple icon on the top of the screen and choose "Software Update".

3. Turn off automatic logins:  Unless you’re at home, do not enable automatic logins. It may be an annoying job to re-enter the passwords every time the system boots up but it makes your data more secure.

4. Secure internet connection - Enable firewall: Like windows, Mac OS x have an integrated firewall, but it has to be activated by the user for the first time. Click apple's logo at the top, click System Preferences, select Security the Firewall tab.

5. Stop communications sharing: Communication services like Bluetooth keeping in sharing mode in public places can cause the system vulnerable to external access. So when you're not using them, turn it off.

6. Download only from trusted sites: Most torrent files and crack zip files usually contains malwares and viruses. Avoid downloading such items.

7. Use a strong password: Don’t use any easy-to-guess strings like your pet's or Net ID. Combination of two or three words could create a good password.

8. Disable Guest account: to disable guest access to your system, follow there steps

•    Click System Properties

•    Open Accounts > Login options.

•    Disable "Automatic Login"

•    Set login window to display Name and Password

•    Click "Guest Account", disable 'Allow guest to log into this computer'.

9. Disable Auto fill in Safari: If there are chances of others using your computer, its recommended that you do not use the auto fill feature in safari browser.

•    Open Safari choose, choose "Preferences” from menu.

•    Goto Auto fill tab

•    Uncheck "Autofill web forms using info from address book card".

10. Get a good security software : Virus scanners and security softwares like Clam Xav, Virus Barrier and Kaspersky Anti-virus are made specifically for Mac OS X.


Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Best 5 Tablets in India's Markets

Tablet pc is a part of life like cell phone. Because  it use every work and every where. The revolution in tablet PC in India’s market
will be continued in 2011 as many Indian companies are competing to
produce tablets, Many Indian companies provided tablets less than RS.
3000 Here's the list of best 5 tablets available in India’s market.

 Wespro epad:

1.Wespro epad: This tablet weighs only 500gm.This tablet is built and released by
Wespro and costs about Rs.7000. The tablet comes in Network 18 group
and is running android version 1.6, but the company promising upgrade to
android 2.1.

Main Features and

  1. 8 inch
    touch screen

  2. VIA 400MHz

  3. 256 MB RAM

  4. 2 GB flash

  5. 4 Hours
    battery backup

  6. Built in

  7. Battery: Li-polymer 7.4V 1400mAh

  8. Price: Rs.

Magnum Pepper

2. Magnum Pepper: Magnum Pepper released by  Lakshmi Access Communications Systems
(LACS) was the cheapest tablet in india, which costs about Rs.4500.
Even if it lost the cheapest tab label, when it comes to performance, Magnum
Pepper M74V is a step ahead of Aakash.


  1. 7 inch LCD
    screen 800x480 screen resolution

  2. Android
    2.2 froyo OS

  3. 800 MHz Processor

  4. 256 MB RAM

  5. 4 GB
    internal storage

  6. 3G and
    WiFi connectivity

  7. External
    keyboard connectivity.

  8. Front

  9. USB SD
    card support.

  10. Price: Rs.


3. HCL X1: The HCL X1 is a new member in
the budget tablet family. The tablet looks very professionally designed and got a good brushed aluminium
finish. Sadly there is no direct access to android market from the tab,
but HCL has bundled around 10,000 apps in their app store.

Main Features and specifications:

  1. 1 GHz ARM Cortex -
    A8 processor

  2. 7 inch multi touch capacitive
    screen (800 x 480 pixels)

  3. Android OS 2.3

  4. 512 MB RAM

  5. 4GB internal storage, upto
    32GB expandable external memory.

  6. 3500 mAh battery

  7. GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G,

  8. HD video recording, FM radio

  9. Price: Rs.10490



4. Reliance 3G Tab: The price for this tablet
stays a bit higher, but the specifications are always higher. This tablet got the world
class Reliance IP network which can be useful in video calling and
other 3G services offered by Reliance like live TV.

Main Features and

  1. Capacitive multi-touch
    screen, 7 inch TFT-LCD WVGA

  2. 800 MHz processor

  3. Android OS 2.3 gingerbread

  4. 512 MB RAM

  5. 4GB internal memory, external
    memory expanded upto 32GB

  6. 2 MP back camera + VGA front

  7.  3400mAH, Li-On battery

  8. WiFi
    hotspot, Bluetooth voice calling, mobile TV etc.

  9. Price: Rs.12999

Olive pad

5.Olive pad V-T100: This android tablet is the top
priced one among the Indian tablets released by Olive Telecom. This
tab includes almost all features offered by any top brand tablets but a bit leggy
with its 600 MHz processor. It has G-Sensor, E-Compass Sensor, and
Ambient Light Sensor to compete with modern tablet computers.

Main Features and specifications:

  1. ARM11 600MHz processor

  2. Android OS 2.2

  3. 7 inch TFT WVGA touch display capacitive.

  4. 512 MB RAM

  5. Up to 32GB external memory

  6. Dual Camera (3 MP+VGA)

  7. Li-Polymer, 3240mAH battery

  8. GPS, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth

  9. Price : Rs.15990


Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Download Mozilla firefox 14 Offline Installer Full Version

The 14th version released of Mozilla Firefox. This version has added many new Feature. Final Version 14, released her a few days apart Mozilla. Please do not say anything about the new Mozilla. Web Browser is the best I seen. It may be faster to open the page. The browser can be updated online. That will help you to secure web browse. Its save you from the virus, and I still did not get the Web Browser option. The Web Browser is the most widely used in this continent. To learn more, click here. Click Here to Download it.

 Here is the list of new features in Firefox 14:

  1. When opening a new tab, users are now presented with their most visited pages

  2. The Awesome Bar now auto-completes typed URLs

  3. SPDY protocol now enabled by default for faster browsing on supported sites

  4. Restored background tabs are not loaded by default for faster startup

  5. Smooth scrolling is now enabled by default

  6. The default home page now has quicker access to bookmarks, history, settings, and more

  7. 72 total improvements to Page Inspector, HTML panel, Style Inspector, Scratchpad and Style Editor

  8. Support for the CSS3 background-position property extended syntax has been added

  9. The :invalid pseudo-class can now be applied to the element

  10. The CSS turn unit is now supported 

Download  Firefox 14

Download Link Firefox13

Download Old Firefox


Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

How to Create eBook

The various
advantages of the Internet, everything is at hand, so I was reading that you
can easily recover. Hands on the smartphone, tablet or laptop computer is easy
to read e - Book. Kind
le as E - Book reader and if I do. Flip the pages with the touch of a finger.
I can not read an e-them selves can create electronic books (eBook). Internet
users have e - I meet. Paper printed book options, e - book down (download) to
read as many of the action. The e - book printing and binding without having to
keep him in your book. English as a language other than e - widely published in
the book. eBook of creating the book, the book can be easily published on
the Internet, and readers can be easily achieved. All of the various languages
​​of the various blog sites regularly eBook being published. I created the blog posted on all of eBook of readers worldwide.

How to
Create E - Book

eBook a matter is
not that difficult.
issue of the ebook will make him want to write about, you can easily create your own ebook.
Before you started to design Soft Wire (Adobe Illustrator) to create your own choice of
design work.
The action is
simple and can be used to form the file.
view is beautiful and attractive, with better software design.
to Portable Document Format (pdf) will take the form of a file is created.
at the time that the file will not print to pdf to be a good option.
file size is less than it is, pdf form in Adobe acrobat Writer with the rest of
it can be done.
order to create a form, click the name of the author of the page, any page,
click on the number back again with a different type of work can be main page.
need to note, pdf form E - Book You can download a book or creating a web site
where I can read.
is possible for small file size is small to be a good pdf file.
is not just a word or other format file to an e-text to an image (image) in the
home, you can easily create your ebook.
the end of this book for any help you can be sharing the site.
site contains Mediafire, 4shared, where the files are free of charge.
(upload) a web link to be found through the link that you can download the
just does not download e-books is that if the book's own Web site or a web site
can be, from where some of the web site where I can read the book.


of Techniques for creating

eBook of the head should be
created, since the book's website to download and read, the two
will have the
, so as to reduce the file size can be. In
case of eBook RGB color image format, and save images
for the web as a PDF usage to
save it. In
the example, e
- breast size
will be reduced, the image or text, both
will be better. In
general, 00 to
300 page book
is in the 8
to 10 MB. ebook
after book to
a link to a web site or book that can be created for the
Web site. Here
is the main thing
is, who are
eBook, and how you want. If
only eBook and want to create
Web site, you can also. If more than one
eBook own website you can also.