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How to find appropriate subtitle file

I do not like to see the movie without
Subtitle. I think
you will
agree with me. Today
I shared with you
if you do not
have the subtitle
for your movie to
Internet on how to download from Google
that allows you to
Many movies that we download from internet  have subtitles merged with movie file (.avi,
mkv, mpg, divx, mp4)
. But in most cases, the movie may not have, subtitles included.
So we should download appropriate subtitle file (
Normali we know
subtitle extension .srt)
separately. You can get subtitle for any movies by simply
a Google search {MOVIE NAMEsrt subtitle}. You’ll
get better results if the MOVIE NAME is replaced with the file name of
the video file. 

But a
downloaded subtitle may not be played along with the video clip even if you put
it in the same directory as the video file lays. To make a subtitle working,
there should be at least two conditions to met.

  1. The subtitle file should be in the same folder as the
    movie file.

  2. Subtitle file should have the same file name as movie

For example, if your video
file is one which is named "example.mkv" then the subtitle
file should have the file name "". In
case the subtitle file you've downloaded has another file name, it won’t be
played in media players like Windows media player, VLC media player etc. To
overcome this problem, you should change the name of the subtitle file
accordingly. Make sure that you're not changing the file extension too.
Changing the file extension may make it unusable. In most cases the above tip
should work.

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